ToDo List

Hardware and Software Acquisition and Testing ToDo List

This document is intended to outline the actions to complete hardware, software and knowledge needed to start building community networks infrastructure.

It is based on the same structure as “Hardware and Software List”, only focused on actions to be taken. As such, it will be periodically updated, following the changes of status. The order of items reflects current priority levels. Continue reading ToDo List

The Cross and the Sword

My remarks after reading the Tony Cochran’s newest post-prison writing, Hypocrisy; Or, Reflections with Susie Simpson, Managing Chaplain, HMP/YOI ISIS  (Yes, read it first!)

Most monotheist religions very quickly find affinity with authoritarian secular power. Today we are bombarded with examples concerning Islam, the rise of puritan Protestantism in the US, never-ceased attempts to embed “christian values” into constitutional order in Poland or silent but adamant alliance between the Orthodox Church and the state in Russia or Greece.

Church of England has even clearer pedigree. It was actually invented as a state church, due to strictly personal problem of Henry VIII.  Church of England, supposedly much less authoritarian than the Roman or Orthodox one, still exercises full if soft power over its members (and, mind it here, potential members, somehow available for conversion). And that attracts and promotes specific personalities.

Contemporary prisons, well oiled machines of dominance,are not the places where you may expect mutinous functionaries — the screening and internal control are too elaborated. Continue reading The Cross and the Sword

The protocol of greed: capitalism, machines and bitcoin.

My comment to the article “Bitcoin = Death Processors
First of all, we should separate “blockchain” as a general system of distributed ledger form Bitcoin, that is very specific implementation thereof. Blockchain needs no mining, blockchain uses NO excessive energy nor needs hijacked processing power. The fact that the author does not know the difference makes the whole rant much less viable.

Continue reading The protocol of greed: capitalism, machines and bitcoin.

Next step ahead

Last week, thanks to our friends from LibreMesh team, we were able to implement our Master Router software on a almost-final platform, being TP-Link WDR 4310, running OpenWRT system.

We had the Master Router for several weeks, but it was running on an ancient, literally dumpster-dived PC. Every week or so, I had to restart it. Every night I was having nightmares about this zombie contraption crashing, with nothing to replace it.

Nevertheless, it persevered. :-) Couple weeks ago, when I finally got the TP-Link delivered, I immediately made a quick configuration, planning to make a switch-over properly, Sunday early morning. As it usually is, Friday evening the old box kissed us good-bye and gave the ghost. Luckily my intuitive configuration was good enough, so after half an hour and a bit of stress the network was up again.

Last weekend we completed another milestone: I mounted the router in a dedicated case, added CYTA (local ISP) routers to it and made it a new central node for our network.

While our ultimate goal is a full mesh, now, for a while we will be working on current topology improvements, which include:

— introduction of the ring topology

— adding the unique login feature (to mitigate free-riding)

— creating a virtual network available for everyone.

Now, while overloaded, the network seems to be much more stable. I am going to notify CYTA about some problems with DLC loop and let them solve it. After that, we go serious!


Threats to GARE squat

[Links to original documents at the bottom of the post]

From an official statement of GARE squat assembly

On Wednesday 24/5. squat Gare was targeted by persons organized in the mafia. At noon, during clashes with the riot police which were taking place in the area around Exarchia sq., there was a confrontation between some protesters who were building a barricade against the pigs and a local business man who attempted to prevent them from doing so. A group of people who were at that moment in a social center next to where this was going on, jumped to the aid of this bossiness man. The said business man is well known in th e neighborhood of Exarchia for his connections with networks of extortion, prostitution and drugs as well as with the security police.

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There is no Europe, no Humanity.

refugees-brought-gorilla“Where is the Humanity?”
“Europe, what happened to you?”

This is the mantra, repeated again and again every time I hear New Europeans, talking about their situation here, in Greece. They appeal to the conscience of Europe. They appeal to humanity.

Dear new neighbors, I will tell you a secret. There is no Europe. There is no Humanity. There is no one big — happy or not — human family. Continue reading There is no Europe, no Humanity.

Towards New Industrial Revolution

LTG-logo - 1Goal: to start creating independent industrial sector, adding sustainable technology and solidarity economy to anarchist governance.

Tool: building long-term manufacturing, service and R&D facility, run by an experimental technological collective.

Opportunity: the need and resources available to provide goods and services to refugee and migrant communities in Europe. Continue reading Towards New Industrial Revolution

The Alley of Death

Few minutes to midnight I crossed the gate between the bright and the dark.

Leaving the heartbeat of music behind me, leaving my friends dancing, flirting, drinking in the crowd. Satiated for a while with normal human emotions, I headed my home and lab.

“We repel them, no problem” – the watchwoman at the gate was relaxed – “children are safe inside” – she said, sturdy in her black outfit, anarchist emblems clear and on display. A pillar of safety. A night warrior, protecting those inside. Continue reading The Alley of Death

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