Technology IS political!

Values I share

  • Self-Governance
    Self-governing, confederate society of small, independent communities (250-2500 people)
  • Solidarity Economy
    Focused on catering to direct needs of community and its members.
  • Liberatory Technology
    Developing technology in a way that supports social and economic changes

Missions I undertake

  • Education
    I educate people to empower them and make technologically-aware.
  • Writing
    I publish texts on current situation in Europe and beyond, providing perspective different to dominating, dualistic narratives.
  • Research & Development
    I design and develop low-to-mid-tech products specifically to be manufactured on the level of local community.

Projects I run (funding needed badly!)

  • Project Daedalus: empowering people through technology
    daedalus-workshop-logoAs a consequence of EU-Turkey deal and closure of the Balkan Road, tens of thousands of refugees are forced to settle down in Greece for an unknown period of time. I will be traveling between “permanent” camps, organizing local technical groups, helping them to create their own infrastructure and create opportunities for self-employment. See more at the Project Daedalus website!
  • R&D for Bakur and Rojava
    Communities in Bakur (Turkey) and Rojava (Syria) are struggling to live amidst the fierce war launched against them. Their infrastructure destroyed, they need replacement solutions tailored to their situation: lack of materials, trained staff and very weak logistic support. I am working with solidarity groups to create a research and development service for communities on the ground, providing them with tested and tailored constructions, based on existing corpus of open source engineering knowledge.
  • LibTech Cells Network
    For better grassroots organisation we need not only affinity groups and political assemblies; not only cooperatives and solidarity economy initiatives. We also need our own technology community. I plan to launch a series of workshops and seminars across Europe, engaging various groups and communities in the process of creation “LibTech Cells” network at the local level.

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