After EuroMaidan. Why Anarchopositivism?

Anarchism was born with the cry of protest. And since then, its history is the history of struggling AGAINST various evils. The language of protest became the identity of the anarchism. Hardly the idea of the final victory of anarchist revolution triggered any design of the future, anarchist society. Failed attempts to establish utopian communities only encouraged focusing on eternal struggle – the revolution without end.

Last winter in Ukraine shown, how the very same language of protest can be appropriated by quite different powers – The Right Sector simply took over almost every piece of anarchist behavior, effectively stripping Ukrainian anarchists out of their identity.
In other, less dramatic, battlefields, the reactiveness of anarchism either makes it just a lifestyle, or grants initiative to its adversaries, who then lead the „dance”.

Anarchopositivism never denies the need and valor of other threads of anarchist movement. It simply adds a constructive part. Anarchopositivism is strongly focused on building anarchist communities here and now, using all knowledge and ideas available.

Finding gaps, growing within the crumbling „Babylon” and turning them into ecological niches. Applying old ideas of mutual aid and solidarity, coined by Piotr Kropotkin, to new standards of intentional communities.

Heading towards the world of networked communities, interacting freely, protected by the „protocol”, providing safe and neutral environment.

We strongly believe that anarchism needs certain constructive core of identity. It should not only point who is the enemy, but also should be able present the positive concept – the design, proof of concept, some working demo maybe. :-)
We believe that the anarchist revolution will prevail. In fact, we see at least two areas of the globe, where it can be seen (perhaps with a pinch of salt) – EZLN area in Mexican Chiapas and grassroot communities in Greece. There is also growing multiverse of the commons, as a leading framework for self-organised, socially oriented economies.

The world of our adversaries is crumbling. By itself, but also due to efforts of many freedom warriors, it will be shrinking more and more, leaving out vast free space – both physical and social – for people to occupy.

We need ideas, working models, experienced pioneers, educators and “evangelists”, to show „regular” people the way to self-organization in the spirit of freedom and mutual solidarity.
If we are able to build such a proposal, the identity of anarchism will become much stronger. Not only shall we be able to say who we fight with, but also what we fight for. It will save us the situation, when – after the battle is over – bystanders join the closest populist leader, who will lead them to the same disaster again and again.

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