Litany 21

Tear gas, batons and just-less-than-lethal bullets…

Not in my name.

Hot-spots, checkpoints and detention centers…

Not in my name.

Propaganda, marketing, social engineering…

Not in my name.

Austerity, bail-outs, corporate welfare…

Not in my name.

Privatisation, gentrification, enclosures…

Not in my name.

Police state, surveillance state, nation state…

Not in my name.

Festung Europa…

Not in my name.

State terrorism…

Not in my name.

World government…

Not in my name.

The power of law and the law of power…


I know the rulers and their hitmen will not listen to me.
I know the terrified and brain-engineered will not listen to me.

I know that even you,
who glimpsed real world in the eyes of refugees,
will not listen to me.

But I say it anyway.

There is a way out of the vicious circle.
It starts from this simple phrase.

Not in my name.

Quit thinking „we are guilty”. Quit saying „we are doing it to the world”.

Feeling of guilt destroys you.
Sharing the guilt with the evil destroys you.
Doing things because of guilt destroys you.

Shed the guilt and say

Not in my name!

And now…

Embrace love.
Embrace courage.
Embrace freedom.

Do this
in your name.





8 thoughts on “Litany 21”

  1. This should probably go as a foreword, but I do not want to spoil the main text, se here it is:

    At times, I am ranting about “masochistic use” of the “we” word, among good people — and that means not only volunteers — living their lives in the sick society, ruled by the psychopaths.

    Phrases like “we bombed them”, “we made them suffer”, “we are guilty”, used by the essentially good people who just realised what is happening and rip their hearts out to help people in distress, normally drive me foaming mad, kicking furniture and yelling incoherently. Because I believe that this is an ultimate form of set-up, intended to keep us all in the dung, excreted by actually few ones, themselves safely hidden behind bulletproof glass and lines of uniformed men.

    We are certainly _responsible_ for (as in “in charge of”) fixing this mess, but we (except for specific cases, but this is individual soul searching issue) cannot be held _accountable_ for (like in “guilty of”) the state of the world, at least to date.

    Some time ago I used to be a Christian and a wise priest told me that the Devil’s ruse is twofold: first he tells one there’s no judgment, later — that there’s no redemption.

    Putting religious matter aside, I think this is a fairly accurate description of a trick we are victims of. First we were told — for decades — that everything was fine, under control, nothing interesting here, please move on. Then, when we start seeing the reality, we are tricked again: into feeling the guilt, into believing we — even now — are co-perpetrators of all these atrocities, past, present and future.

    This is why I get mad, when I hear that blooming “we”. And that is why I keep saying: there is no “we” to share between me and those who caused this all disaster. Whatever they do, they do it ‪#‎NotInMyName‬.

    So, trying to be coherent and constructive, yesterday I wrote a piece of text, in an ancient and noble form of litany. You may say it is a kind of exorcism as well. To me, this is the next logical step towards freedom: to renounce, loudly and clearly, the evil trying to suck us in. This is, I believe, the fundamental _inner_ change to support every further practical activity.

    So, humbly, I submit the Litany 21 to you. If you find it worthy, please spread it freely. The more people get the message, the better, I think.

  2. Called my self a Christian . perhaps 2 week duration. It wasn’t true. The guilt trip is a control tactic. Church figures are steadily down where education doesn’t enforce compliance as we questioning doctrine.

  3. if money can’t stop a war, and people are not a reason, nature won’t stop it and actuall reason isn’t enough, love is answered by violence … what is our name worth anything ! ?

  4. For me it was all great until the ‘Amen’ which makes me jolt inside for some reason

    1. As they say “It is not possible to make everybody happy, but it is really easy to make everybody pissed off.”
      Take whatever you like, leave whatever you do not. Have a good life. :-)

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