Litany 21

Tear gas, batons and just-less-than-lethal bullets…

Not in my name.

Hot-spots, checkpoints and detention centers…

Not in my name.

Propaganda, marketing, social engineering…

Not in my name.

Austerity, bail-outs, corporate welfare…

Not in my name.

Privatisation, gentrification, enclosures…

Not in my name.

Police state, surveillance state, nation state…

Not in my name.

Festung Europa…

Not in my name.

State terrorism…

Not in my name.

World government…

Not in my name.

The power of law and the law of power…


I know the rulers and their hitmen will not listen to me.
I know the terrified and brain-engineered will not listen to me.

I know that even you,
who glimpsed real world in the eyes of refugees,
will not listen to me.

But I say it anyway.

There is a way out of the vicious circle.
It starts from this simple phrase.

Not in my name.

Quit thinking „we are guilty”. Quit saying „we are doing it to the world”.

Feeling of guilt destroys you.
Sharing the guilt with the evil destroys you.
Doing things because of guilt destroys you.

Shed the guilt and say

Not in my name!

And now…

Embrace love.
Embrace courage.
Embrace freedom.

Do this
in your name.