“Why am I an Anarchist?”

Let us start from simple definition proposal

Ideally, anarchy is the way of solving problems, taking and executing decisions and arranging things between people without using any kind of coercion.

Anarchism, in effect, will be (ideally, again) a system of guidelines showing how this ideal way can be implemented within society.

That is basically all.

There are, of course, many problems with anarchism, coming mostly from a simple fact that anarchism is created and implemented by people born and raised within the  system of coercion. Their way of thinking and their habits tend to lead them away from the anarchy, towards various kinds of oppression — all for the good cause, of course.

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Anarchy is not for everyone. Frankly, I will be the first one to fight if I see anarchism dominating any society. The level of self-discipline, awareness and integrity, required to be an anarchist (disregarding which specific thread within the movement we mean), make the whole thing a life-long challenge, not very comfortable and definitively without any guaranty of success.

Now, why am I so keen to say, using a historical cliche, “считайте анархистом“? Good question, indeed.  Answering it in a satisfactory way is another lifelong process. But we certainly can start now, from at least decent approximation. We have all the time of the world to revisit this question and refine our answers.

Putting aside my wicked sense of humour (I promise to put some irresponsible and jestery answers in comments below, but later), I think we can start from the golden rule, that is considered one of pillars of the Western humanist civilisation.

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This rule — sort of a formalised empathy — combined with the fact that I deeply abhor (and very badly react to) any kind of coercion applied to me, is certainly enough to make me a self-proclaimed[1. Is there any other way?] anarchist.

How about you?


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