RasPi Frenzy

Today I decided to open my Raspberry Pi stash. Three boards, two of them kindly donated by M.D. last year and one from my earlier acquisitions. We need them now, as Deadalus project is coming.

So, today it is connecting, configuring and making lists

Playing with the code

Our new sandbox. For Scratch, Snap and Whatnot...
Our new sandbox. For Scratch, Snap and Whatnot…

My old RasPi, almost bare, goes with the 16G card and will serve as a programming playground. I plan to use it for learning Scratch, Snap and perhaps other language. When I finally get Arduino, It will get connected there and experiments begin. Meanwhile, just Raspian plus some add-ons.

WhiteHat for Daedalus

WhiteHat: test setup for FreedomBox (Daedalus 1.2. ready)
WhiteHat: test setup for FreedomBox (Daedalus 1.2. ready)

This piece will get an external SSD (64G) and FreedomBox package. It will be first test of Daedalus 1.2. — intranet node for refugee camps, providing rudimentary services to the local network even if the uplink gets congested or disconnected. On top of this infrastructure we will also build an “Internet Classroom” — a set of services to allow refugees benefit from internet learning resources. More on this topic in “Project Daedalus” later this week. Stay tuned!

BlackHat for our files

Our home intranet: NAS, OwnCloud and fileshare
Our home intranet: NAS, OwnCloud and fileshare. Mind ingenious use of wine corks as flexible support for HDD.

We have tons of files stored on our external drives. It is about time to introduce some order. So the third RasPi is already connected to an active USB hub. I plan to share the disks in a normal way,  but also experiment with OwnCloud configured for internal use.

The work will take some time, but I need to get more familiar with RasPi before starting more ambitious projects. Tomorrow we go to Thessaloniki, to buy some minor components needed to configure and run White Hat. To be continued…