There is no Europe, no Humanity.

refugees-brought-gorilla“Where is the Humanity?”
“Europe, what happened to you?”

This is the mantra, repeated again and again every time I hear New Europeans, talking about their situation here, in Greece. They appeal to the conscience of Europe. They appeal to humanity.

Dear new neighbors, I will tell you a secret. There is no Europe. There is no Humanity. There is no one big — happy or not — human family.

You have been cheated. Your ideal view of Europe was the result of political marketing. The Europe you wanted to join never existed. Whatever peaceful, easy and wealthy life was possible in Europe, it was — no more is — for old Europeans only, paid by the exploitation and hidden slavery of people like you. By arms sales to the governments that were trying to kill you. By cheap oil purchased from Daesh. By the destruction of your own home.

Now, the rulers and owners of Europe exploit and destroy old Europeans as well. Google “austerity”. Google “Greek crisis”. Google “racism in Europe”.

Europe is a sinking ship.

You have chosen wrong destination to look for stable, safe life for your families. Ask your predecessors, who joined Europe in 1950s, 1970s, 1990s — they are still Europeans of 2nd or 3rd category. Their children as well. What will happen to you?

You are complaining about slow registration, missing relocation programs, lack of information. You believe that it is enough to protest, to march around or sit down at Syntaghma square. To push governments so they start doing their duty. I am sorry, it does not work any more. People in Europe are shitless scared. People in Europe think about their privileges; privileges they are already loosing. People in Europe do not want to hear about solidarity, humanity and New Europeans.

This meagerly small population of “volunteers” you have contact with, is just an aberration. A group of freaks, who desperately do what they believe in — often without really understanding what you need or want. They try to do what they think governments should do. But their numbers are dwindling.

There is no big, friendly European Union, to take care of you. There is no place for you in trembling, terrified Europe. Unless you make this place yourself. Unless you find new friends and allies. Unless you get organized instead of waiting for somebody to take care. Because nobody will.

Dear New Europeans, welcome to our messy home. Join those, who try to renew it and make it more airy, more human. You will not be given a friendly, welcoming Europe. You can ONLY make it, together with us, troublemakers.

Good luck.

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