Towards New Industrial Revolution

LTG-logo - 1Goal: to start creating independent industrial sector, adding sustainable technology and solidarity economy to anarchist governance.

Tool: building long-term manufacturing, service and R&D facility, run by an experimental technological collective.

Opportunity: the need and resources available to provide goods and services to refugee and migrant communities in Europe.

1. The movement of alternative communities is not sustainable. Every way we use to cater to our own needs is deeply precarious and dependent on the state and capitalist system, at the bottom of the pyramid. Be it getting money from “social insurance” or grants, working part time or as a freelancer, recycling materials, dumpster diving or getting stuff from donors — it all depends on successful capitalist economy and on wasteful society. The closer to the end of capitalism, the less can be scavenged and the weaker is economic base of the “alternative”. The collapse of capitalism would ruin all but the most rudimentary resources we use.

2. To change this situation we need to start (and it is a long-term process) structures and processes serving new sustainable economy. Catering to the needs of self-organized communities in a distinctly anarchist way. Combining liberatory technology (outlined, among others, by Kropotkin and Bookchin) with modern hacking approach we can adopt means of productions without replicating wrong social relationships. Technology _is_ political and it can be changed and adjusted to the requirements of new social governance.

3. Here and now, in Europe of the year 2016, we have an opportunity to acquire part of means and resources pouring in to support a million of people; new Europeans, stopped in various stages of their voyage North. Their needs: living space, amenities, communication, education and many more, can be fulfilled by the state, by NGOs, by capitalist business. It is already happening. Still, there are needs and resources that can be used by a swift alternative industrial collective to support those neglected by the state and its associates.
In a fair exchange, donated infrastructure can be later used as a seed resource for new economy to expand.

4. There is a small group of people, who are already going this way. We are testing the framework of cooperative association, governed in direct and independent way, providing goods and services tho refugees communities in Athens. We invite all interested individuals to join, support and cooperate with us. See more about our work at

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