Threats to GARE squat

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From an official statement of GARE squat assembly

On Wednesday 24/5. squat Gare was targeted by persons organized in the mafia. At noon, during clashes with the riot police which were taking place in the area around Exarchia sq., there was a confrontation between some protesters who were building a barricade against the pigs and a local business man who attempted to prevent them from doing so. A group of people who were at that moment in a social center next to where this was going on, jumped to the aid of this bossiness man. The said business man is well known in th e neighborhood of Exarchia for his connections with networks of extortion, prostitution and drugs as well as with the security police.

To give you the context, here is a map of the area.
Situation on 24th of May
The clashes that followed between some of the protesters and this particular group, became the excuse for laying the accusation on squat Gare as being responsible for the events.
This particular group has recently been accused, by a number of collectives during open assemblies, for attempting to impose their authority by military means over self-organized projects. This group acts in the name of social centers and formations of the movement, which despite having been asked to condemn the activities of this group, they stay silent.
Exarcheia Enquirer will bring you more information about history and possible future of those attacks. It isn’t exactly a nice story, but we better know it, before it is too late.
Immediately after these events, this group came along with a bunch of bouncers and paid thugs and gathered outside the squat in a threatening manner. What we have here is a consortium which included gangs of thugs who sell protection to the local markets and who have in the past been involved in attacks and brutal injuries against active members of the movement.
After their departure, some of the initial group came to our assembly and declared that they will target our squat unless we find and deliver, within 24 hours, the persons who clashed with them earlier on the square.
Later on the same evening, persons belonging to this group pulled down the banner of squat GARE from Exarchia sq. This is the banner with which we urge the neighborhood to mobilize against repression, calling for an open event on Exarchia sq. on Sunday 28/5 and to an open assembly against the police occupation of the neighborhood on Monday 29/5.
The act of taking down the banner was an aggressive act aimed at the social resistance against repression. Such practices serve the designs of the state, are befitting only to para-state agents and as such they must be dealt with. The banner was immediately raised again by comrades of the squat with an organized and self defended intervention on the square.

 What happened next?

 On Wednesday 25th of May, following the call of GARE squat concerning the events that took place the day before in Exarchia and at the squat, we gathered and as one body  we made a demonstration and an action at Exarchia square making a stop outside the mafia controlled Hotel Exarcheion.
 It was a first collective response against the provocations of gangs of bouncers and paid thugs against political fighters.
 These particular persons who attempted to give an ultimatum to Gare squat and who pulled down a political banner from the square, belong to the Coordination of Refugee Squats and use its name for their actions which are clearly hostile to the movement, without any collective agreement of the Coordination. All the while, the social center Nosotros and the Coordination of Refugee Squats continue to provide political cover to this team.
  These  persons who take part in designs for  political and financial domination in the area, in direct collaboration with mafia networks of paid thugs, attempt to engage football fans of a particular club and turn them against the movement’s spaces and activity. We declare that this attempt is misleading, as the struggle in a neighborhood is not the arena neither of football fan nor of personal conflicts. This specific clique as well as paid thugs in general do not have social recognition in the area and this is why they try to recruit people on the basis of football club participation. Everyone must be fully aware of the responsibility that they bear. At this point we declare that:

  • We will defend our struggles by all means necessary, united against economic interests and their supporters.
  • The anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement can have no relations to  mechanisms of exploitation and control.
  • Political cover to such practices shall not be tolerated. The political structures that have provided cover to such mechanisms much renounce them and conduct public self-criticism about all these events.

Here is a list of links to relevant online documents (mostly in Greek). We will try to provide English translation when/if we manage to get them. Meanwhile you have to rely on G*gle or other translation services. and Documents quoted above.

In Greek:

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