Next step ahead

Last week, thanks to our friends from LibreMesh team, we were able to implement our Master Router software on a almost-final platform, being TP-Link WDR 4310, running OpenWRT system.

We had the Master Router for several weeks, but it was running on an ancient, literally dumpster-dived PC. Every week or so, I had to restart it. Every night I was having nightmares about this zombie contraption crashing, with nothing to replace it.

Nevertheless, it persevered. :-) Couple weeks ago, when I finally got the TP-Link delivered, I immediately made a quick configuration, planning to make a switch-over properly, Sunday early morning. As it usually is, Friday evening the old box kissed us good-bye and gave the ghost. Luckily my intuitive configuration was good enough, so after half an hour and a bit of stress the network was up again.

Last weekend we completed another milestone: I mounted the router in a dedicated case, added CYTA (local ISP) routers to it and made it a new central node for our network.

While our ultimate goal is a full mesh, now, for a while we will be working on current topology improvements, which include:

— introduction of the ring topology

— adding the unique login feature (to mitigate free-riding)

— creating a virtual network available for everyone.

Now, while overloaded, the network seems to be much more stable. I am going to notify CYTA about some problems with DLC loop and let them solve it. After that, we go serious!


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