Rebuilding my network identity

Dear readers,

Few days ago somebody stole my backpack with most of my electronic and other equipment. Apart from the material damage (over 700 euro) it contained some backup media.
It means that I lost access to certain identities (online accounts) and I have to recreate my identity (except for few most secure channels) from scratch.

Those identities are no longer available:

It also concerns all derived identities (mostly twitter, but also my memberships in mailing lists and other online communities). I will do my best to rebuild my presence, whenever it is practical and needed, but it will take time.

But, the rumours about my death were clearly exaggerated!

  • Please consult the contact page for newest contact options.
  • My new PGP key will soon be published.
  • If you feel like helping me recover, by donating some equipment or money, use channels provided on the support page.

Stay tuned for the news in comments below!

2 thoughts on “Rebuilding my network identity”

  1. The list of equipment lost.
    — ThinkPad x230 i5, 8 G RAM, 250 GB SSD
    — Tablet quad-core 8″
    — mSD cards 3 * 32 G
    — 3 * USB WiFi cards
    — Nikon Coolpix camera
    — LED headlamp petzl
    — Victorinox multitool (XXL)
    — full accessory set for GitUp2 action camera.

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