Rebuilding my equipment


Someone stole my backpack with most of my electronics. Good people promised me help to let me buy the replacement  (hopefully slightly better than the lost one). If you can give me bargain sale (or maybe even donate) on something listed below, I will be deeply obliged and my work for humanity will restart faster.

Preferred payment options:

  1. FairCoin
  2. BitCoin
  3. Bank transfer (Eur)
  4. Anything else

Delivery/pickup: Athens, Greece.

A. Essentials (time critical):

  • Laptop: Lenoxo Thinkpad x230 or better. Up to 400 Eur budget. (at the maximum budget I expect big battery, 8 G RAM and no less than 160 SSD). EXAMPLE.
  • 8″ Octa-core Android tablet. Up to 120 Eur budget. EXAMPLE

B. Essentials (non-time critical).

  • Digital camera for documentation. Example.
  • Petzl headlamp. EXAMPLE
  • Multitool. EXAMPLE
  • Accessories for GitUp Git2P action camera. (Camera luckily was in my pocket, but I lost all brackets etc.). EXAMPLE
  • Backpack itself. EXAMPLE.

If you feel like helping me to rebuild the equipment pool, please let me know.

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