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For several years I have been working with computer networks. While I cannot call myself an expert, I am quite good in setting up and configuring small to medium size networks, with certain basic services.
I keep learning and my goal now is to become proficient in building “village internet” nets, for all kinds of communities in need for independent data infrastructure.

Amargi 2018 — Community Networks Infrastructure

Based on the experience in community network building in Athens, Greece, I started a bigger project, aiming to standarised network infrastructure.

The “target” are small to medium sized communities, rural or urban, in need of their own “community internet” — providing not just an access to global services, but the full-blown set of local services: messaging, file sharing, web applications. It is a tool to integrate local community and also a way to build independent virtual space, available even if the external link is congested or down. Continue reading Amargi 2018 — Community Networks Infrastructure

ToDo List

Hardware and Software Acquisition and Testing ToDo List

This document is intended to outline the actions to complete hardware, software and knowledge needed to start building community networks infrastructure.

It is based on the same structure as “Hardware and Software List”, only focused on actions to be taken. As such, it will be periodically updated, following the changes of status. The order of items reflects current priority levels. Continue reading ToDo List