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Athen’s Exarcheia is a token of anarchy in Greece and largely in Europe (even beyond). I lived there and I still live close to it, having working connections with many collectives inside.
There is much more than meets the outsider’s eye there and by no means Exarcheia is as monolithical as we would like to see it. There are also long-term plans to destroy it.
Unfortunately, most of those things are discussed in Greek only, which means they are largely inaccessible for international movement. Thus I decided to start new category here, bringing some (arbitrarily selected) important topics to the attention of international comrades and solidarity people.
You are most invited to comment the posts here and also to ask questions or suggests topics you would like me to investigate.


Threats to GARE squat

[Links to original documents at the bottom of the post]

From an official statement of GARE squat assembly

On Wednesday 24/5. squat Gare was targeted by persons organized in the mafia. At noon, during clashes with the riot police which were taking place in the area around Exarchia sq., there was a confrontation between some protesters who were building a barricade against the pigs and a local business man who attempted to prevent them from doing so. A group of people who were at that moment in a social center next to where this was going on, jumped to the aid of this bossiness man. The said business man is well known in th e neighborhood of Exarchia for his connections with networks of extortion, prostitution and drugs as well as with the security police.

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