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Amargi 2018 — Community Networks Infrastructure

Based on the experience in community network building in Athens, Greece, I started a bigger project, aiming to standarised network infrastructure.

The “target” are small to medium sized communities, rural or urban, in need of their own “community internet” — providing not just an access to global services, but the full-blown set of local services: messaging, file sharing, web applications. It is a tool to integrate local community and also a way to build independent virtual space, available even if the external link is congested or down. Continue reading Amargi 2018 — Community Networks Infrastructure

Rebuilding my equipment


Someone stole my backpack with most of my electronics. Good people promised me help to let me buy the replacement  (hopefully slightly better than the lost one). If you can give me bargain sale (or maybe even donate) on something listed below, I will be deeply obliged and my work for humanity will restart faster.

Preferred payment options:

  1. FairCoin
  2. BitCoin
  3. Bank transfer (Eur)
  4. Anything else

Delivery/pickup: Athens, Greece.

A. Essentials (time critical):

  • Laptop: Lenoxo Thinkpad x230 or better. Up to 400 Eur budget. (at the maximum budget I expect big battery, 8 G RAM and no less than 160 SSD). EXAMPLE.
  • 8″ Octa-core Android tablet. Up to 120 Eur budget. EXAMPLE

B. Essentials (non-time critical).

  • Digital camera for documentation. Example.
  • Petzl headlamp. EXAMPLE
  • Multitool. EXAMPLE
  • Accessories for GitUp Git2P action camera. (Camera luckily was in my pocket, but I lost all brackets etc.). EXAMPLE
  • Backpack itself. EXAMPLE.

If you feel like helping me to rebuild the equipment pool, please let me know.

Volkerwanderung Game Universe

We tell the truth through fictional stories. We make people face reality through games.

See current status of the project at our FB group and here, through Volkerwanderung category (also see the menu item).

“I kind of see this project in the tradition of Wolfgang Flatz, whose contribution to documenta ’79 was him standing in an empty room, naked and people who would manage to hit him with a dart would get 500€. People really did it and just after the fact realised what they had done.
It should be fun first but then turn to the hell it really is.”

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The protocol of greed: capitalism, machines and bitcoin.

My comment to the article “Bitcoin = Death Processors
First of all, we should separate “blockchain” as a general system of distributed ledger form Bitcoin, that is very specific implementation thereof. Blockchain needs no mining, blockchain uses NO excessive energy nor needs hijacked processing power. The fact that the author does not know the difference makes the whole rant much less viable.

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