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General donations

If you are keen and able to share some money with me, here is a (growing) list of possible channels:

Bank transfer (EUR, USD, PLN, MXN)

  • Beneficiary Xarxa Autogestió Social SCCL
  • IBAN ES43 1491 0001 2420 8685 5729
  • Transfer title/token: deposit CFZBI







The money you send me will be used to keep me and my partner alive and healthy (that’s about 400 Euros per month), then to keep our equipment maintained, then to maintain stock of parts, materials and to cover running costs of our daily work (R&D, publications, maintenance).
If we start any specific project, budgeted beyond this level of money, we will announce them separately.

We are working like this for years now, but this is the time to get more intense about it, so please help!


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