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Towards Liberatory Technology

This text is intended as an opening for the constructive discussion about development of liberatory technology (as coined by Murray Bookchin in his writings1) in the realm of European anarchist movement and its kindred spirits.

If there is one single question this text struggles to answer, it is „How to develop a technological component of a free society, to support prefiguration of confederated and freedom-oriented communities?

If there is one single goal of the travel that begins with this text, it is formation of a Special Interest Group to discuss and coordinate all technology developments done by its members, within the anarchist movement and beyond it.
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The beginning in Chania

afisa_xania_web_en_smallMy trip to Crete was building slowly. George from Rethymno, who is politically almost as far from me as it is possible, claimed that he absolutely must see me and talk about some important things. Then I started getting hints from various people, that Crete “is another country” and even anarchists there are different.

A comrade from far away convinced me that the best place to meet face-to-face would be anarchist gathering in Chania. Finally Tally :) decided that her little homeland, Ierapetra, needs me desperately. Resisting these strong currents was beyond my limits — and so 14th of October I landed in Chania.

During many discussions that filled the air in Rosa Nera, I tried to contribute with my musings about technology and broader, about the necessity of prefiguration, of building the infrastructure supporting social and political freedom. The answer was strong and positive, so I decided to improvise a talk about “Freedom Technology”. Despite an inhumanly early start (10:00 on Sunday!) about 20 people arrived to discuss the topic and to encourage me in my explorations.

The PDF copy of the presentation is available here: freedomtechchania

I left Chania with quite a big list of emails of people interested in following the topic up. I also got an impulse to put my thoughts about liberatory technology in a more structured form.

And this is how it all started…