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There is no Europe, no Humanity.

refugees-brought-gorilla“Where is the Humanity?”
“Europe, what happened to you?”

This is the mantra, repeated again and again every time I hear New Europeans, talking about their situation here, in Greece. They appeal to the conscience of Europe. They appeal to humanity.

Dear new neighbors, I will tell you a secret. There is no Europe. There is no Humanity. There is no one big — happy or not — human family. Continue reading There is no Europe, no Humanity.

House of Glass

Remarks on change of Europe

“People who live in glass houses
shouldn’t throw stones.”

In 2014, detections of illegal border-crossing reached a new record, with more than 280 000 detections. The unprecedented number of migrants crossing illegally the external borders has roots in the fighting in Syria that has resulted in the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. Indeed, most of the detections at the borders concerned migrants from Syria, who later applied for asylum within the EU”1

In 2015, however, between January and August, this record is no more. 344 000 people at least entered EU area, in the illegal attempt to preserve their Life, Freedom and – even more frown upon – pursuit of Happiness.

The Europe is trembling. Even those, who firmly stood together when it came to the public bollocking of Greece, now parted European solidarity, refusing to serve rich states’ needs as voluntary (or not) filtration camps, let alone to assimilate newcomers.

Facing possible influx of people at the level of 3% (of total population) within the next couple years, the European Union seriously claims it is a huge danger for its identity and integrity. To me it is a sign of grave internal problems, not of an external threat.

Let us try to see what is actually wrong with Europe, why it is so and what are possible scenarios for the future – and what we can do for ourselves to make it a bit better.
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No more refugees!

A modest suggestion how to decrease flow of migrants towards Europe, in an efficient, noble and long-lasting way.

The idea of “resettlement quota” imposed on the EU states is apparently not working, plus it generates a lot of quarrels both internationally and on a national level1. Europe is simply unable to cope with the stream of desperate people, fleeing “conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East”. And no morally high rant can change it. This is just too much, too complex and too fast for ye olde Europe. While the ex-colonialist (or neocolonialist, if you please) metropolies should be held accountable, the current solution – reluctant (sometimes lethally reluctant) admission of immigrants simply does not work. It is a palliative approach, not helping to uproot the source of the problem. Continue reading No more refugees!