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Greeks, refugees and a cooperative resurrection

The all-win scenario

This year1 brought to global attention two processes, simmering for years already. The so-called „Greek debt crisis” and „Syrian refugees crisis”2.

I have been watching them closely for months, since I arrived to Greece. I keep expressing my views on them every once a while, so again, this is not the main story for today. Today, let me tell you a story about resurrection. Continue reading Greeks, refugees and a cooperative resurrection

The Solar Capital of Greece

Ierapetra is an important town in the Lasithi prefecture of Crete. It is distinct at least because of two factors: the biggest amount of sunny hours throughout the year and very high technology culture of the farmers, who make up majority of the local economy.

I arrived to Ierapetra thanks to the invitation and support of its current and former citizens: Alex, Michalis and Tally. We only had less than 48 hours to get to know each other a bit, to establish some framework and to make plans for cooperation. And we did it.
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Refugee SuperTarp Project

[Please read comments below this post for news and detailed information]

Today (9.10.2015) we officially started new open technology project: Refugee SuperTarp, by discussing and testing Mark 0 pre-prototype with the project team.

It is going to be the first product dedicated for refugees support (can also be used by anybody, of course), manufactured locally, on the cooperative basis, by the Thermaikos community members.

The idea is to bring jobs for the people and — at the same time — to provide high quality, well designed outdoor gear for everybody in the need of it. Continue reading Refugee SuperTarp Project

Solar Power to the People

[Please read comments below the post, all new developments are reported there]

panel-measurement-01102015It is my pleasure to inform that on Sunday, 27.09.2015, in Anexartiti Protovoulia in Thermaikos we have fully assembled and installed (inside the office big window) first prototype of a passive air heating solar panel, developed by Morris Dovey, who was here in August to teach us how to build it. The panel is working very well despite the fact that it doesn’t exactly follow the design specification at http://www.iedu.com/Solar/Panels/index.html. I will probably provide temperature measurements (outside, inside-input, inside-output), as soon as I put my hand on 2-3 thermometers.
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Workshop: new solar heating solution for the Greeks

26-28 in Thermaikos, Greece, near Thessaloniki, we will have workshop to teach people how to build an efficient solar air heating panel. The technology is described here: http://www.iedu.com/Solar/Panels/index.html and the details of the workshop here: http://anexartitiprotovoulia.blogspot.gr/2015/08/workshop-solar-panel.html

If you are around, come and join us!

The March of the 10 000 000

“abandoned in northern Mesopotamia, without supplies other than what they could obtain by force or diplomacy, the 10,000 had to fight their way northwards through Corduen and Armenia, making ad hoc decisions about their leadership, tactics, provender and destiny, while the King’s army and hostile natives barred their way and attacked their flanks.”

Whatever good or bad we may say about the Greeks, their recent struggle to regain their own country, their independence, is much more impressive than the attempted coup of Cyrus the Younger, which started the original Anabasis. Since 2008, Greek society was struggling with the consequences of their own vices, their greedy oligarchy, their rotten political class and the international banksters, marauding left and right.

Until 2013 they developed vast network of solidarity economy, effectively becoming a parallel one, replacing both state and capitalist economy wherever they failed to fulfill needs of the people. With the raising hopes for Syriza-created government, much of this momentum was lost. The energy was redirected to support Syriza in its ice-breaking mission, which culminated last winter and recently failed. Continue reading The March of the 10 000 000

Sweeping floor in Thessaloniki

kouzina3It is the fourth weekend already, which we spend helping at the “Solidarity Kitchen” in the Migrant’s Center of Thessaloniki. Eight days spent on cooking, serving food, cleaning after the “customers” – the kitchen is open for everybody and the clientèle varies from more or less colourful migrants, through decent and face-keeping pensioners to the genuine street people – musicians, beggars, addicts and whoever is able to follow the smell of free food.
Today was a hard day. One of two cookers run out of gas, so the whole rhythm of cooking and serving (sometimes up to 150-200 servings a day) was spoiled. As we were waiting for the food to get ready, people were getting more and more nervous – the crowd was growing, instead of flowing peacefully.
Then there was a problem of diet change. Continue reading Sweeping floor in Thessaloniki