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Towards New Industrial Revolution

LTG-logo - 1Goal: to start creating independent industrial sector, adding sustainable technology and solidarity economy to anarchist governance.

Tool: building long-term manufacturing, service and R&D facility, run by an experimental technological collective.

Opportunity: the need and resources available to provide goods and services to refugee and migrant communities in Europe. Continue reading Towards New Industrial Revolution

Drill Press a’la Roustique. Part 1

First of all: two small clamps, 4,50 Eur each are real game changers. And a relief (I know, sounds contradictory).

So, I decided to make a drill press. My old 12 V Black and Decker strapped to a plank, sliding up and down on a wooden support, powered by an old (pre-ATX) computer power supply. That was the plan.

The second part went fishing, as the power supply is FUBAR and the new (old technology is costly) would cost some 50 Eur. So the drill has to wait for another opportunity.

But still, seeing that the cheapest 230V drill is available at a rock-bottom price of 28 Eur, I decided to go ahead.

Basically, the photostory tells it all. Due credit goes to https://n55.dk, where I learned XYZ construction nodes. I love them.

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Jailbreak time. Are we ready to migrate to Friendica?

We are looking for people interested migrating out of FB, specifically to decentralised social network run under Friendica. If there is enough of us (say, 10 ppl) ready to spend some time and effort, we can go along the following list:
1. Set up a FB group for future migrants. If FB blocks it, we may fallback to some external forum.
2. Evaluate conditions needed for being happy Friendica users.
3. Evaluate resources we need to fulfill the said conditions.
4. Gather supporters.
5. Pool resources.
6. Set up a test server (for those who do not want to meddle with own local server).
7. Teach and support those who do.

Certain features of Friendica we may be interested in:

    • Decentralised architecture with no central authority or ownership
    • Extensible via third-party plugin modules and themes. A growing number of both are currently available.
    • Server-to-server military grade message encryption (on supported networks)
    • Private conversation groups – on these pages all communications are restricted to group members – similar to Google+ “circles” or Diaspora “aspects”
    • Optionally “expire” old content after a certain period of time. The content is also removed from all other Friendica servers which might be holding a copy.
    • Location and other private information embedded in uploaded photos from cell phones is stripped
    • Download your personal data. It all belongs to you.
    • Facebook contacts and posts may be imported and become an extension of the Friendica network

See the infographic:


You will learn more at http://friendica.com/features

Join us at https://www.loomio.org/g/kyormDWI/jailbreak-are-we-ready-to-migrate-to-our-own-social-network