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The Octagon

Towards a solidarity economy investment fund1­

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This document outlines a structure and certain processes of an investment fund, dedicated for the solidarity economy area.

The model fund, called „The Octagon”, will be an intermediary between the realm of solidarity economy and the external entities, at the inter-community level.

The main role of The Octagon is to mediate between solidarity and non-solidarity entities, providing flow of funds to the solidarity sector and non-financial benefits to the external stakeholders. It will also play a role of a firewall, separating solidarity entities from the pressure put by non-solidarity environment.

The whole system will be based upon principles of solidarity economy, open technologies and cooperative movement. Continue reading The Octagon

Rojava Support Technology Hub

R&D infrastructure for resilient development


The goal of the project is to build a technological facility in Greece, as a part of cooperation between Rojava and its European supporters. The facility (Techno-Hub) will be also first node of the planned network of solidarity economy entities throughout Europe and Kurdistan.

To suport Rojava recovery and redevelopment we need to test and implement technologies specifically designed both for political context and local resources.

The goal is not just to make Rojava alive and sustainable, but also to make it resistant against future disasters and assaults. Continue reading Rojava Support Technology Hub