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Rojava and Bakur. A Kurdish Anarchist perspective

72-Height-JPG-LogoMy dear friend and colleague, Zaher Baher (ZB), just recently published an article Our attitude towards Rojava must be Critical Solidarity and generously invited me to provide my perspective on the topics covered there.

The Author is much more involved and much better informed in the field of developments in Rojava and Bakur than I can ever dream to be. He is also much more mature and established in his political stance than I can be — as I still consider myself a soul-searcher. Trying to best him on his own turf would be much above my normal level of chutzpah. Continue reading Rojava and Bakur. A Kurdish Anarchist perspective

They have no cause left but their families

Ante, my new friend and reader, was really surprised seeing thousands and thousands of young and strong people going North from the war-torn Middle East. Why don’t they stay — he asked me — and defend their countries and their freedom?

In 1991, when Serbs started occupation on Croatia, all men fit for military service joined in defense of their country, even students. I understand that many men have to defend their family and children, but what kinda people are they if they don’t protect their freedom and their country?

Well, let’s look at the facts.

1. When you write “country”, you — I guess from the reference to Croatia and the military service — mean in fact a state. Country is an area and possibly a society (people connected with the history and culture). State is a government, army, politicians etc. etc. Normally we use these terms as synonyms, but sometimes it is important to see a difference. And this is the case. So, we have a situation that your question concerns those, who have their own state (country) with some kind of army and at the same time it is under some attack that could be repelled. Continue reading They have no cause left but their families

In shadows, they wait with the knives

The ongoing information war against Rojava1

This text2, deals with the problem of the image of Rojava in global media and mass communication. I am deeply convinced that we are talking about actual, ongoing information war here. Nothing happens there by accident and nothing will be on our side without intense effort.

By no means this is a professional analysis. However, I believe, there is a great deal of things that can be done based upon even simplest observations. I will be focusing on European context which I know the best. As a preliminary reading I recommend my article http://freelab.libtech.website/2014/12/29/is-rojava-written-off/

Continue reading In shadows, they wait with the knives

Rojava Reality

Hey Petros, I want to publish this article on your website anonymously.
Don’t give out my name or email.

That is the request I received in today’s email. so here it is. Unchanged, unedited message from one of comrades in Rojava. In the spirit of freedom and solidarity.

The time of theory is over. Now is the time of action.

I’ve been in Rojava since half a year working in various areas of society which has given me the unique opportunity to get a good overview of the system in action. My libertarian philosophy and practical experience puts me very close to the revolutionaries of Rojava, and they like to hear my ideas or criticism.

I’m writing this article after seeing the article titled:

“We should not let Kobane and the rest of Rojava to be defeated by the big corporations and the international financial institutions” Continue reading Rojava Reality

Rojava, Bakur and the pitfalls of economic revolution

This is my comment and answer to an extensive account, provided by Zaher Baher from Haringey Solidarity Group and Kurdistan Anarchists Forum after a trip throughout Bakur (Northern Kurdistan) just before Turkish election two weeks ago.

Whole text is available here. I have copied some fragments, to show context of my comments.

Continue reading Rojava, Bakur and the pitfalls of economic revolution

RojavArt. Visual Art History of Rojava

Kurdish saying goes: Brexwedan jian e — Resistance is life. Today, we start a project, which can be named “Art is Resistance — Huner Berxwedane” and that is exactly the tagline of our new website. And the addres is: https://RojavArt.wordpress.com

The very important offspring of the Rojava struggle was a massive flow of artwork inspired by the heroism and perseverance of the Rojavans.

We decided to start an online collection of visual art: drawing, paintings, photographs etc. inspired and depicting the history of Rojava.

Please, help us build this collection. Help us improve it. It will be available freely for all interested people, creating another layer of Rojava history.

Rojava Support Technology Hub

R&D infrastructure for resilient development


The goal of the project is to build a technological facility in Greece, as a part of cooperation between Rojava and its European supporters. The facility (Techno-Hub) will be also first node of the planned network of solidarity economy entities throughout Europe and Kurdistan.

To suport Rojava recovery and redevelopment we need to test and implement technologies specifically designed both for political context and local resources.

The goal is not just to make Rojava alive and sustainable, but also to make it resistant against future disasters and assaults. Continue reading Rojava Support Technology Hub

Urgent! Antivenom Serum for Rojava!

There is an urgent appeal from the Health Commission of Afrin canton in Rojava.  They have pretty serious situation with rabies, snakes and scorpion bites. Next week we shall run a fund-raising campaign, so do not spend too much this weekend! ;)

For now, we need to identify an snake and scorpion serum for them. This is what I got from Efrin (not much). Somebody to translate the Arabic label to the left, please?

serum-arabic serum-1It is pretty obvious that we shall not be able to buy that from the Syrian Government Institute. So, we need to find an equivalent and a good source of it (at least 200 doses), possibly in Turkey (logistics). And to get the best price possible.

Your help is needed! If you can help, please leave a reply (moderated) below this post, or send me an email message.

Also, share this post with your friends who deal with tropical medicine etc.



The snake antivenom leaflet. Seems to be pretty local. I was trying to find the manufacturer over Internet, but no contact. Only a note in Wikipedia on alleged chemical & biological weapons production. No, this is not what we try to buy.


No more refugees!

A modest suggestion how to decrease flow of migrants towards Europe, in an efficient, noble and long-lasting way.

The idea of “resettlement quota” imposed on the EU states is apparently not working, plus it generates a lot of quarrels both internationally and on a national level1. Europe is simply unable to cope with the stream of desperate people, fleeing “conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East”. And no morally high rant can change it. This is just too much, too complex and too fast for ye olde Europe. While the ex-colonialist (or neocolonialist, if you please) metropolies should be held accountable, the current solution – reluctant (sometimes lethally reluctant) admission of immigrants simply does not work. It is a palliative approach, not helping to uproot the source of the problem. Continue reading No more refugees!

The Guilty Bystanders

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil
is that Good Men Do Nothing…”2

This quotation, in popular knowledge attributed to Edmund Burke3, sounds so banal, that these days almost no one really thinks how true it is. And how often we, supposedly good people4, find a good reasons to stay passive; to keep distance; to wait until we know for sure what is going to happen, until we take no risk, reacting. And I am not even talking of these, who believe they have no real influence at all. I do not even think of those, whose metaphorical plates are already more than full. No, this story is different. And, as it is usually with my stories, it is about Rojava Revolution. Continue reading The Guilty Bystanders