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FreeLab 2016/17 product line

*** this is preliminary version, please ask me before you share it ***

1. Digest

This document outlines the general line of work of FreeLab for 2016/2017. It is a main „programmatic document” for everyone who wishes to support or join the activity.

The priorities assigned to each product will be dynamic and depend of available resources, demand for solutions and support from the co-workers.

All constructions will be developed and published under the CC-BY-SA licence. The documentation will be available for free.

Please note that this revision is not final. Budget numbers wil be added in following editions. Meanwhile you are invited to send me a feedback concerning proposed products and technologies. Continue reading FreeLab 2016/17 product line

Simple solar power

for the Lighthouse camp on Lesvos Island

per request of Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen, 3.03.2016

1. Problem definition1

The volunteer-managed camp (see video at http://www.lighthouserelief.org/operations/) is an off-grid location. They have several local solar powered lamps, but the whole camp area lighting is only powered by the genset. It means costs and it makes problems when the immediate light is needed. So the solution is needed to have the „one switch” installation, able to bring light to the whole camp area without the need to start the genset. Continue reading Simple solar power

Solar Technology Workshop Level 1

Solar heating in your kitchen

1. Introduction

The goal of the workshop is to give people initial understanding of the physics behind the solar heating and to help them start building their own solar devices of practical value. Planned for a weekend (1½ day, or 12 h in two sessions) it provides a lot of time for socializing, discussion and slow, thoughtful groupwork.

As a result of the workshop, participants will understand the way the Sun is heating us all, how it changes during the day/night and yearly cycle and how this energy can be harnessed. Continue reading Solar Technology Workshop Level 1

Bubble bath, or Return of The Valentine Box

Episode 2…

Second only to the duct tape, polyurethane foam becomes my preferred tool and material, by far besting chewing gum so widely used as an improvised …everything, actually.

But surely, I will have to quit ready-made one, in pressurised containers. Great, if you spend the whole can at once, they tend to  clog with dried foam and sometimes you can only trash the half-full can, still worth few Euros — or hack it seriously, with a bit of a personal risk.

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Solar Power to the People

[Please read comments below the post, all new developments are reported there]

panel-measurement-01102015It is my pleasure to inform that on Sunday, 27.09.2015, in Anexartiti Protovoulia in Thermaikos we have fully assembled and installed (inside the office big window) first prototype of a passive air heating solar panel, developed by Morris Dovey, who was here in August to teach us how to build it. The panel is working very well despite the fact that it doesn’t exactly follow the design specification at http://www.iedu.com/Solar/Panels/index.html. I will probably provide temperature measurements (outside, inside-input, inside-output), as soon as I put my hand on 2-3 thermometers.
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