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The protocol of greed: capitalism, machines and bitcoin.

My comment to the article “Bitcoin = Death Processors
First of all, we should separate “blockchain” as a general system of distributed ledger form Bitcoin, that is very specific implementation thereof. Blockchain needs no mining, blockchain uses NO excessive energy nor needs hijacked processing power. The fact that the author does not know the difference makes the whole rant much less viable.

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The IT Security primer

How to start improving your computer security.

Start using safer communication immediately:

Tools that are more advanced or still in development.

Further readings (yes, you have to read it)..

Greeks, refugees and a cooperative resurrection

The all-win scenario

This year1 brought to global attention two processes, simmering for years already. The so-called „Greek debt crisis” and „Syrian refugees crisis”2.

I have been watching them closely for months, since I arrived to Greece. I keep expressing my views on them every once a while, so again, this is not the main story for today. Today, let me tell you a story about resurrection. Continue reading Greeks, refugees and a cooperative resurrection

The Octagon

Towards a solidarity economy investment fund1­

This text as a PDF: The-Octagon

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This document outlines a structure and certain processes of an investment fund, dedicated for the solidarity economy area.

The model fund, called „The Octagon”, will be an intermediary between the realm of solidarity economy and the external entities, at the inter-community level.

The main role of The Octagon is to mediate between solidarity and non-solidarity entities, providing flow of funds to the solidarity sector and non-financial benefits to the external stakeholders. It will also play a role of a firewall, separating solidarity entities from the pressure put by non-solidarity environment.

The whole system will be based upon principles of solidarity economy, open technologies and cooperative movement. Continue reading The Octagon

Solar Power to the People

[Please read comments below the post, all new developments are reported there]

panel-measurement-01102015It is my pleasure to inform that on Sunday, 27.09.2015, in Anexartiti Protovoulia in Thermaikos we have fully assembled and installed (inside the office big window) first prototype of a passive air heating solar panel, developed by Morris Dovey, who was here in August to teach us how to build it. The panel is working very well despite the fact that it doesn’t exactly follow the design specification at http://www.iedu.com/Solar/Panels/index.html. I will probably provide temperature measurements (outside, inside-input, inside-output), as soon as I put my hand on 2-3 thermometers.
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