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Going London!

This year my traditional Spring Trip leads me to London! I am invited to have a presentation and optionally a workshop on liberatory technology, during a conference held at Kings College (https://how2doit2016.wordpress.com/). Thanks to my friend’s hospitality I will be able to stay longer, so the current plan is that I arrive in the afternoon/evening of 4.04 and leave sometime at 14th. Between these dates I am going to run the conference events, meet friends from the UK (funding permitting) and do other things FB doesn’t need to know about.

So, if you want to meet me there, just join the event and we shall coordinate somehow.

It is going to be FUN!


As usually, the budget is next to nil.  As for now, I have fixed:
– Shelter for the whole time I stay, thanks to Z. and his family.
– 50 quid from the organizers of the conference, which will probably cover my Oyster card.

I am definitively short:
~ 120 Euro for the round trip air tickets (RyanAir).
~ 30-50 Euro of reserve for extravagances like a cup of tea.
[Food I hope to get for free — all suggestions will be appreciated]

My kind request to you, folks, is: If you can buy me an air tickets (can be one way — at least TO London), please pm me and we will arrange that.

Other than that, just find the fundraising section here to the right and drop something in. You will be satisfied, I promise.

Podróż wiosenna — a spring trip

petros-on-the-roadRozkład jazdy/Itinerary: http://www.bewelcome.org/trip/3127

(English text below)
Jak już pisałem, wybieram się do Hamburga na konferencję (http://www.networkaq.net/) poświęconą Rojavie. Będzie tam okazja spotkać się z ludźmi z administracji Rojavy i z przedstawicielami organizacji kurdyjskich z Europy i nie tylko. Nawiązać bezpośrednie kontakty, obgadać sprawy, których się nie da obgadać przez telefon czy internet. Mam dwa cele: otworzyć dla polskich (i nie tylko) ochotników i ochotniczek drogę do Rojavy (zarówno w sensie wyjazdów jak i w sensie zdalnej współpracy bezpośrednio z Autonomią) i przywieźć informacje i opowieści z pierwszej ręki — do opowiedzenia polskim (i nie tylko) Czytelni(cz)kom.
Plan jest taki: 30 marca wyjazd z Tessalonik (metoda łączona: stopem, blablacarem lub autobusem) tak, aby na 2 kwietnia wieczorem być w Hamburgu. Po drodze noclegi i wyżywienie (mam nadzieję) u dobrych ludzi z internetu. Od 3 do 5 kwietnia — konferencja i nawiązywanie kontaktów. Później, taką samą metodą, planuję ruszyć do Amsterdamu i Brukseli, gdzie jest europejski punkt kontaktowy Rady Odbudowy Kobane. Tam bedę chciał obgadać stronę praktyczną współpracy. Potem wracam na południe, być może przez Włochy. Wszędzie po drodze będę się starał spotykać z ludźmi z lokalnych społeczności i zachęcać ich do pomocy Rojavie. Cały wyjazd zabierze około miesiąca.

Jeśli ktoś może mi pomóc w przeprowadzeniu tego planu, to będę bardzo wdzięczny. Poszukuję transportu, noclegu i wyżywienia na trasie okrężnej Tessaloniki – Belgrad – Drezno – Hamburg – Amsterdam – Bruksela – Stuttgart – Brindisi – (prom) – Igoumenitsa – Tessaloniki. Czy ktoś mieszka w pobliżu i zechce mnie pranocować i przedstawić lokalnym ludziom? Ewentualnie wskazać miejscowe freeshopy (pora trochę uzupełnić odzież i inne wyposażenie.Odwdzięczę się pracą na rzecz Rojavy i kolejnymi opowieściami.

Czy ktoś z Was zechce zafundować mi przejazd na poszczególnych etapach trasy? Na przyklad:

– Autobus z Drezna do Hamburga: ok. 30 Euro.
– Prom Brindisi – Igoumenitsa: ok. 75 Euro
– Samochód (mitfahrgelegenheit.de, blablacar) Hamburg – Amsterdam, Amsterdam – Bruksela: między 20 a 30 Euro każdy odcinek.

Generalnie, każda pomoc w sfinansowaniu wyjazdu się przyda — bardzo proszę o kontakt poprzez komentarze.


As I wrote before, I plan to attend the http://www.networkaq.net/ conference in Hamburg. The conference is largely devoted to Rojava issues and will be a marvelous opportunity to meet people from the Autonomy, arrange further cooperation and discuss things that cannot be normally discussed vie Internet or on the phone.
The plan is to leave Thessaloniki on March 30, and reach Hamburg April 2nd in the evening, by means of hitchiking, car-sharing and bus, being hosted by the good people from Internet on my way there. After the conference, I plan to go the same way to Amsterdam and Brussels, where I hope to meet contact people from Rojava Reconstruction Board and to talk about practical cooperation. Then, if everything goes well, I plan to go back south via Southern Italy, spreading the word and encouraging people to help Rojava wherever I meet them.

However, to make it a success I need some help, possibly from you. I am looking for transport, lodging, food and local guides (to find communities, squats, freeshops etc.) along the route: Thessaloniki – Beograd – Dresden – Hamburg – Amsterdam – Brussels – Stuttgart – Brindisi – (ferry) – Igoumenitsa – Thessaloniki.

Also, it would be great if somebody buy me some partial fare, like:
– A bus from Dresden to Hamburg (about 30 E)
– A ferry from Brindisi to Igoumenitsa (about 75 E)
– Car sharing legs — 20-30 E each.

In general, every support from you counts. I will pay it forward by working for Rojava cause and bringing you great stories.

Just contact me via comments here.

Thank you.

Warsaw — Berlin

It’s not that easy to get to Berlin. The PolskiBus connection from Poznan is cheap and easy to catch, unless your humble traveller is too nervous to notice that there is also another coach going opposite way – from Berlin To Warsaw – almost at the same time, from the same place. I already had my backpack on board, when I realised that. :) Fortunately, the right bus arrived shortly and I jumped in.

From Poznan it is closer to Berlin than to Warsaw. Nevertheless, when you enter Gremany, the change in the landscape is impressive. You can clearly see massive investments put into infrastructure – electric fence running for kilometers, separating the forest from the highway, abandoned, but well preserved gas station, naturally looking, but obviously maintained riverbed. It all makes impression of a tidy, well cared household. For sure the income from ‘servicing’ Greek debt by German financial institutions (over 350 million Euro last year) is spent wisely.

Central bus station in Berlin is like any other bus station in the world. Slightly less tidy than an usual neighborhood, but still clean and functional. Even the direct surrounding is not as impressive as one could expect from the grand European city. But these are bus stations – here you can see the color of the city underwear, and one day I will come back here to find new stories.

The care bears land starts at the underground station. Police car parked just a hundred meters away and a friendly reminder that you are being watched (for your own good). I decided to be a good citizen for a change and bought a 2,40 ticket to get to Pankow, where my BeWelcome shelter awaited. Old habits die hard. With an Euro spent at the station (a toilet and  an internet to find the connection) it made significant dent in my funds. Let’s hope for some income soon…

I like Berlin underground, especially when it runs on the surface. Looking through the windows I spotted couple marvelous industrial, almost steampunk-ish, buildings. I understand people who just wander around the city and take pictures. Perhaps, one day…

Now, my station. I left the platform and found myself shocked – after all these months in the calm countryside, the relatively uncrowded Danziger Strasse looked to me like a city from Blade Runner or The 5th Element – hectic, dynamic, colorful and noisy. Not thet I do not like it – I just needed a moment to gather my wits. After taking some pictures and a short video panorama  started my walk.

Danziger Strasse is long and I started from the number 1, to reach way beyond 100. While I was a bit tired, it was fun to stroll along the street, watching people and feeling like a real country boy – gaping amazed at things and events so normal for city dwellers. I promise you, I  will repeat this walk for you and take more pictures that time. :-)

S., whose story deserves a separate post, is a great host. Easy going, informative and calm. He even cleaned his room before I arrived, which made his flatmates tell they like me already. :-) BTW, if someone has a Voigtlander camera broken (but with shutter being ok), S. is looking for it to fix his own.

So, I am now getting ready to join the support staff of the ECC 2013. And at the same time I am trying to solve a problem. It seems that my expected fundraising talks (in Ulm and Augsburg) would not occur. So, fellows, if you can help me (actively, I am now short of time and resources) to arrange some evening open talk in Berlin (from now till 25.05), it would be a great help.

On the road again.

Well rested – Walentyna is a marvellous host – I headed the Młociny Bus station to catch a coach to Poznan. On my way there, I had to say couple words to the camera, as Janek (the ‘Expedicion Libertad’ guy) needed it for our second stage crowdfunding project. Soon you will be able to see it online.

Exactly a minute before the coach rolled away, the fellow hacker brought me a charger to my ancient Nokia 6120. Having not succeeded in getting a smartphone, I decided to take my old workhorse with me, but I had no spare charger. Thanks, Astral!

A nice lady in the couch – next seat to mine – was initially enthusiastic about having a talk about Greece etc., but after reading couple first pages of my booklet, suddenly plugged her earphones in and left the coach at the first station, without even saying good-bye. Aren’t people weird. But, maybe, it had something to do  with her occupation – she was working in a “Human Capital” EU funding institution. ;)

Fortunately, she was replaced by a nice, young violinist, who appeared to be a good conversation partner. His apparent idol was Yasha Heifetz, but at the same time he seemed to be a lot more emotional. Anyway, the conversation was quite nice.

Poznan – finally. Cafe Bunuba, opened especially for us, witnessed another hackers’ gathering. How come that so many friends of mine are that weird? In a small, but top class, company, meeting took not less than four-five beers (gift economy, again!). And it was not just about Greece. As far as I can remember we have collectively solved at least few of the most urgent global problems. Possibly, some other guy may remember those solutions…

Friends, if you happen to visit Poznan, go to Cafe Bunuba and have a beer or two for Expedition Freedom. But be responsible. You need to spare some money to support your humble explorer…